Trail of Crumbs Event 4: Banned Books

Trail of Crumbs Pop-Up Event 4: Banned Books

Trail of Crumbs’ fourth pop-up event was held October 21st at the Woodland Pattern Book Center, located in the heart of Milwaukee’s own Riverwest community. As guests arrived they were greeted with a champagne-absinthe cocktail (one of Ernest Hemmingway’s favorites) and invited to peruse Woodland Pattern’s extensive selection of poetry and small press publications.

Guests were seated in a unique and inviting gallery space surrounded by antique leather bound books, candle lit tables and book-themed works of art.  The menu, inspired by some of history’s most misunderstood and controversial literature, was merely hinted at, as each diner was presented with a library card containing nothing more than handwritten book titles.  As the story of our evening unfolded the guests found themselves enjoying a menu as complex, unique and satisfying as the books that inspired it.

The Menu

Death in the Afternoon (aperitif)

Champagne, absinthe, orange zest

Genesis 3:1-24

Burmese python in pomegranate glaze, apple slaw

Simone (The Story of the Eye)

Clam chowder, truffle oil, garlic croutons

The Bell Jar

Roasted butternut squash, onion, cucumber, carrot, peanut-ginger dressing, rolled in collard greens

The Grapes of Wrath

Mustard pork tenderloin, vincotto white pepper plum reduction, thyme roasted grapes, braised fennel & olive tapenade “pillow” , fennel pollen, red grapefruit-lavender-cayenne gelatin “sun”

Farwell to Arms

Savory walnut cake, butternut squash panna cotta, roasted red pepper coulis


Braised veal, creamy vodka potatoes topped with 12 year old cheddar

Alice in Wonderland

I: Eat Me

Lemon cake, minted rose saffron cream

II: Drink Me

Buttered rum, pineapple, cherry, cinnamon

Fahrenheit 451

Espresso, Café Corazon’s Horchata, Capsule of fire (cinnamon, cayenne, cocoa)

Guests were treated to excerpts from the books, read aloud by Milwaukee poet Ed Makowski, and chef selected music playlists to accompany each specific dish. After the last sip of coffee was enjoyed and the last bit of tea cakes were devoured, guests were given an original and distinctive work of art to take home with them to commemorate their dining experience.

Please enjoy the slide show presented for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Marianne Fourcaudot.