Please join us for And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Crumbs’ 6th  pop-up event

Family Secrets

Trail of Crumbs is thrilled to announce our new pop-up event! This April 13th 2013 , we will be serving -up courses family style along with beer and wine pairings. We will also be sharing our own family secrets with you. We ask you to share yours with us. We at Trail of Crumbs prefer to call it Family Secrets, Family Style.

Family secrets… Everyone has them. Secrets not just in the sense of something completely taboo, but more in the way that secrets mean stories that not everyone knows. Tidbits o…r crumbs of our lives that have added up and now have brought us to where we are at this moment.


Saturday April 13, 2013
An exact time has not been decided upon though it will be AFTER 6pm


$85 per person with cash or check
$90 per person via PayPal

Unlike previous events, tax and gratuity are no longer included

While many of these dishes are likely to be gluten-free the reality is this is still going to be a meat and fish experience for all guests involved. We will also be selecting beer and wine pairings for most courses, it is not necessary to bring anything this time but as always, you are welcomed to do so. Vegetarian guests and vegan guests are advised to attend a more veggie-friendly pop-up experience. (We have not forgotten about you.)
Come and see what our chefs have planned for you!

As usual, seating is limited.

               Tickets may be reserved on a first come first served basis however, payment for tickets must be received within 5 business days or your ticket will be given to the next in line.


Please contact if you would like
to purchase your tickets with cash or check. We’ll then send you information about where to send your payment.


Purchase tickets via PayPal
Send payment to

  • The final location of the event will be determined 48 hours beforehand and will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • The detailed menu will be kept secret until the night of the event.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon purchase with further details.


Read our Rules of Play and Terms of Service or contact us at